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Integrity is a fundamental core value within our district, epitomizing our dedication to absolute transparency and professional ethics. It nurtures trust, upholds accountability, and shapes a school community where principles are at the forefront. With integrity, we stand united in our commitment to fostering an environment where both students and staff thrive as responsible and principled individuals.

PJUSD Promise

Perseverance, a vital core value, fuels our district with determination and resilience. It drives us to overcome challenges, fostering a culture of continuous effort and growth. With perseverance, both students and staff embrace setbacks as opportunities, pushing forward to achieve excellence in all endeavors.


Inclusivity is a central core value in our district, guiding our commitment to fairness and diversity. It ensures that every voice is heard, fostering an environment where all students and staff feel valued and respected. With inclusivity, we embrace differences and work together to create a welcoming community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.


Innovation is a pivotal core value, propelling our district to seek fresh ideas and creative solutions. It inspires us to evolve, fostering a dynamic environment of learning and progress. With innovation, both students and staff are empowered to explore uncharted territories, driving positive change and shaping a future of endless possibilities.


Excellence is a fundamental core value within our district, driving us to consistently exceed expectations. It empowers both students and staff to strive for the highest standards, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and achievement. With excellence as our guide, we create a community dedicated to pushing boundaries, embracing challenges, and realizing the full potential of all individuals.

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PJUSD Promise

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